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Join us for a series of insightful videos designed to answer your burning questions about the travel industry. We're talking about exclusive, behind-the-scenes tours and honest chats with the most influential names in the aviation, car rental, and accommodation sectors.



In this episode, we explore the world of affordable air travel. Kirby Gordon, CMO at FlySafair, joins us to guide us through the fascinating intricacies of low-cost flying. Why does flying on a budget often seem anything but inexpensive? Kirby sheds light on the market dynamics and how FlySafair has adapted in the post-COVID landscape, bridging the gap between supply and demand in innovative ways. 

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Air France-KLM

We're joined by our esteemed guest, Wilson Tauro, Country Manager of Southern Africa, for Air France-KLM, in an insightful conversation with our very own Lance Nkwe. In a revelation that's sure to turn heads, Tauro announced that current travel demand out of South Africa has outpaced even the 2019 figures. Despite the challenges faced globally, the thirst for travel is stronger than ever within the South African market, showcasing an impressive rebound and appetite for both leisure and business travel. 

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Radisson Hotel Group

Our spotlight for this episode? Radisson's Senior Key Account Director, Rochelle Schonken. This powerhouse unveils Radisson's world of innovation, talent development, and top-tier services. At Radisson, talent is more than just a buzzword. With a resounding mantra: "Grow talent, and talent grows us," they make a firm commitment to not only filling vacancies but also shaping the hospitality leaders of tomorrow. From reception to room service, each team member is a testament to Radisson's commitment to nurturing talent.  

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City Lodge Hotel Group

This special Supplier Edition features an exclusive interview with Lindiwe Sangweni-Siddo, COO of City Lodge Hotel Group. As a forward-thinking leader in the hospitality industry, Lindiwe shares her take on various trends like  shaping the industry.

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Car Rentals


In this episode we explore the future of the car rental industry, where sustainability is taking the driver's seat. An exclusive interview with Julian Visagie, the CEO of Hertz, we discuss sustainability initiatives, the rise of hybrid vehicles, and the potential for electric vehicle adoption. Julian shares how Hertz is accelerating its commitment to sustainability, boldly aiming for a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. You'll hear about the growing popularity of hybrid vehicles and the challenges and opportunities around electric vehicle adoption in South Africa. 

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Join us for an enlightening discussion between Lance Nkwe, Marketing Manager at Corporate Traveller, and Shermen Moodley, the dynamic General Manager at Avis. Together, they tackle topics such as fleet availability, cost implications, and the driving forces of customer behaviour in the industry. For those of you with a keen interest in technology, prepare to delve into the cutting-edge innovation of Key Lockers. Learn how Avis is utilising technology to streamline the customer experience and steer the rental process into the fast lane.

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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC)

Let’s take a deep dive into travel insurance in this episode of CT Chronicles: Supplier Edition. Join Lance Nkwe, Corporate Traveller Marketing Manager, as he chats with Karen Botha from Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC). Unpack the nuances of medical coverage and learn how it sets TIC apart from 'free' insurance. Navigate the complex world of business and leisure insurance for bleisure trips. Understand the process for filing claims in the wake of unexpected situations, and discover the ins and outs of TIC's pricing structure for business travellers. 

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