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Travel risk management is crucial for employee well-being and company reputation.


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Companies have a legal responsibility to protect their employees while on business trips. When travel bookings are all made through a travel management company, it makes finding your travellers much easier. 

Improve corporate travel safety

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With travel bookings and itineraries in one place, bookers and your travel manager can easily identify business travellers based on risk type, location, and flight number.
Corporate Traveller - Business Travel - Traveller Finder - Risk Planning
With the information in business travel itineraries you know who is about to travel where, and can plan for any potential risks involved with these trips.
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Your Customer Success Manager can help with pre-travel risk assessments and personal safety tips to educate your colleagues ahead of their next business trip.
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If you require live tracking or additional safety technology, we work with third-party providers who can integrate with Corporate Traveller's technology and operations.
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In the event of an emergency e.g. natural disasters or travel disruptions, you can pull a list of travellers in those locations. They can proactively alert their colleagues to any travel risks and advise on next steps, which could be to contact the Corporate Traveller emergency team.
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With easy access to itineraries and analytics, bookers and travel managers can assess various areas of travel risk. You'll be able to understand who might be close to burnout, get to the bottom of why your travel policy is being ignored, or assess the sustainability credentials of suppliers which could impact your company reputation.


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Manage business traveller profiles online to save time, prevent errors, store loyalty programme details and house traveller preferences.

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