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Small in size but mighty in impact! Small to medium-sized enterprises  (SMEs), you're the backbone of South Africa's economy. With stakes in 98% of businesses and employing over half the workforce, you're not just business trailblazers - you're the future!

But have you ever thought about how a smart business travel programme is as important as a business plan? Trust us – we'll show you how relooking your business travel management can help your SME business take off.

The need to support SMEs on the go

Travelling for work is the small yet mighty secret weapon for SMEs. It's about shaking hands, sealing deals, and making connections beyond the usual borders.

So, why is getting travel plans right so important? They can make or break your success. A smooth journey ensures you're ready to conquer meetings, secure deals, and keep the wheels of your small to medium-sized enterprise turning.

Niche travel alert! What are the 5 categories of small and medium enterprises in SA?

When it comes to SMEs in South Africa, five key industries rule the roost. But each small to medium-sized enterprise sector faces its own set of challenges when it's time to hit the road for business:

  • Tourism and Hospitality: Crafting dreamy trips is an art, but securing flawless flights and hotel deals for business travel? That's where expert travel advice excels.
  • Agribusiness: Agricultural SMEs often travel to meet suppliers or buyers. Unpredictable flight schedules can disrupt even the best plans.
  • Information Technology: Flawless tech pitches? Achievable with travel management pros. They find meeting spots for your ideas to shine without technical hiccups.
  • Manufacturing: Lost luggage can disrupt operations. Arriving without showcase products? Not ideal for leaving a strong impression.
  • Retail and E-commerce: Retail SMEs understand the pain of disrupted sourcing trips. Flight delays can result in missed supplier meetings - and empty shelves.

Get ready to take on the world 

So, you might be running a "small" business, but when it's time to talk business travel? Your needs are just as big and exciting as those big shots. Just like them, you're looking for a travel game plan that keeps your team happy and your budget looking healthy.

That's why our guide for small to medium-sized enterprises, "Small Biz, Big Adventures: Navigating the Skies for SMEs," is a game changer. Find out:

  • How our global connections can hook you up with deals hotter than your morning coffee.
  • How we make travel planning a breeze, so you can focus on conquering your world.
  • How we prioritise your team's safety wherever work calls.
  • How we're your partners in keeping it green on the go.

If your business dreams are big, but the troubles of travel are making you feel small, it's time for a change. Wave goodbye to the DIY approach and chat to a TMC like Corporate Traveller.

Want to play in the big league of business travel? 

Download the ultimate playbook for those ready to shine in the small to medium-sized enterprises industry! 

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