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Hey there, Solar Powerhouse! You’re probably here because you've got that bright, sun-kissed vision for our planet's future. But have you ever thought of the parallels between the power of solar and the energy of travel? Strap in; we're about to connect the dots.

As a shining star in the solar power industry, you're the ray of hope South Africa needs to overcome its load shedding challenges. No doubt, your business is cooking.

Which country is best for solar business? South Africa is lighting up!

Globally, solar energy isn’t just having a moment. It’s having its era. According to the ILO, it's the fastest-growing sector in the world. And with our African sun, we're set to be leaders in this sunny race!

Imports of solar panels in our lovely nation are skyrocketing. Why? Because we've had enough of those pesky power cuts and we're done waiting for someone else to fix it. And just so you know, we're not talking a couple of hundred. In Q1 2023, imports touched a blinding R3.6 billion. That's like, three times more than the previous quarter. And guess what? That doesn’t even factor in all the inverters, batteries, specialists... you get the picture. Basically, South Africa’s making serious power moves!

Does solar energy travel?

Intriguing question! While solar energy isn’t jet-setting across the globe, the energy produced fuels our lives, from houses to swimming pools. Picture the richness of our solar radiation captured by solar panels installed nationwide, reshaping our energy narrative.

But here's the twist: this industry's expansion translates to... travel. Plenty of it! Business meets, conferences, expos. And if you reckon booking online is a breeze, you might want to reconsider. Hidden costs, tedious procedures - it's a maze!

Watt’s our bright idea?

  • Green Your Voyage: Dive into Corporate Traveller’s sustainability guide to eco-friendly journeys and garner insights on promoting sustainability within business excursions. For a forward-looking perspective on sustainable hospitality, glance through this chronicle.
  • Swift and Efficient: With Corporate Traveller, say goodbye to 49-minute booking dramas. Finish it swiftly and redirect your energy - maybe to fine-tuning another solar panel?
  • Radiant Savings: Avoid overpaying on spur-of-the-moment bookings. We scout the finest rates, even for the eleventh-hour planners.
  • Mega Deals: Leveraging our global footprint, we negotiate deals hotter than a summer’s day.
  • Safety Shield: When your team is globetrotting, their well-being is paramount. We ensure they're safeguarded.
  • Walk the Sustainable Walk: Solar’s your domain, and sustainability is at its heart. Our travel strategies ensure you embody eco-friendliness in every step.

If you’re all about a luminous future but are bogged down by travel woes, it's time to flip the switch. Ditch the DIY and come bask in the golden glow of professional travel management.

Ready to Illuminate Your Path?

Download the ultimate playbook for those ready to shine in the solar industry!

corporate traveller, business travel, solar energy
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