South Africans have a special place in their hearts for sports and can't resist swaying to the beats of their favourite music acts. You're guaranteed to generate some serious gees when you pack up and take your team or band on tour.

Now, think about this: Have you ever given a deep dive into how you manage your travel plans for music or sports events? Because, you see, there’s magic in the details when it comes to being a music travel consultant or sports travel booker.  A well-crafted travel strategy can elevate the experience for everyone, turning a good music or sports tour into a winning one. Trust us, with just a little fine-tuning, we can amp up your travel experience.

Why (good) sports and music tour management is key

Managing travel for sports and music is the unsung hero behind every successful tour or sports event. It's not just about reaching the destination; it's about ensuring every game is played, and every note is hit without a hitch.

So, why is perfecting this niche area of travel management so pivotal? Because details matter. Properly orchestrated travel logistics mean that teams can focus on the game, and artists can concentrate on the performance – arriving when and where they need to be without any stress. A well-coordinated group travel journey ensures that everything runs on point, keeping the rhythm of success consistent, whether it's a crucial match or a headline concert.

Get ready to start your winning streak 

The stakes are big when you’re going on tour – be it student travel or sports and music sports travel. You need to keep your eye on the budget, ensure those stars are safe and comfortable, and get all their equipment where it needs to be (and in one piece).

That's why our guide for sports and music tour travel management, "Goals Met, High Notes Hit: Travel Management for Music and Sports Tours," is a game changer. Find out:

  • How our global connections can hook you up with deals sweeter than a melody.
  • How we make sports and music travel planning a breeze so you can focus on winning games and the hearts of fans.
  • How we prioritise your peoples’ safety wherever the game or gig takes them.
  • Pro services for transporting equipment, from cleats to guitars, without a hitch.

Want to score in the big league of sports and music travel? 

If you have big dreams for your talent but feel like you need to get the star travel treatment required to make that happen, it's time for a change. Wave goodbye to the DIY approach and chat to a TMC like Corporate Traveller.

Download the ultimate playbook for those ready to shine in the sports and music travel industry!

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