Travel Policy Management

A travel policy is an essential tool to guide the "how" of business travel and can often help you answer the "why", by providing guidelines on whether travel is necessary to achieve the company's objectives.

Is having a travel policy worth the time and effort?

The answer is a resounding yes. No matter how big or small your business, getting the best value from your travel spend should be among your key strategic goals. This is especially pertinent when business travel is such an important part of your business growth.

While some corporates may believe the volume of business travel conducted in their organisation does not merit a formal travel policy, they will see real benefits from implementing one in terms of saving time and travel costs.  A travel policy can also provide guidelines on what your employees can do to ensure their safety while travelling.  A key component of travel policy is thus a travel risk management plan.

How can a travel management company help with your travel policy?

Providing total oversight on what an organisation spends on travel and looking at how to get the greatest return for that spend is where your travel management company is worth its weight in gold. It takes an expert to know how to achieve the delicate balance between cost savings and ensuring the wellbeing of your travellers. 

Your TMC will analyse the idiosyncrasies that characterise your company, staff and its travel patterns and requirements to shape your travel policy. 

Leveraging their insights into the world of corporate travel, the TMC knows how to employ best practice corporate travel technique (such as how far in advance you should be booking flights), the right technological tools and a thorough knowledge of destinations and available travel products that are right for your organisation.


Ready to get started? Download the white paper and learn how to write an effective travel policy.

The guide details some of the things to consider when drafting your policy and highlights the sections that you should include, as well as offers a travel policy template.
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