Trailblazing travel management for tomorrow’s titans

Looking to shape the future of your industry? Your business stands out as a modern leader in the emerging industries —so shouldn’t your travel tools match? Step up your game with a travel solution designed with your unique needs in mind. Say goodbye to off-the-shelf options. It's time for a corporate travel management solution tailored just for you.

South Africa – a world of opportunities!

Industries like yours are making waves and turning heads. From advanced AI and electric vehicles to sustainable farming and a touch of virtual reality. Kudos!

South Africa is bursting with potential for emerging industries like yours. And it’s just the kind of big-picture thinking we need. Thanks to you, we can look forward to more jobs, new job titles, and a nudge towards a greener future.

As a leader in the pack of emerging industries, you’ll soon be hiring, seeking new suppliers and clients, and driving the change South Africa’s been waiting for.

Hop on board the future of business travel 

You’re on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the world. That makes things interesting, but also a little unpredictable. You could be soaking up insights at a TEDx talk one day and knee-deep on a busy factory floor the next. You need to show your face at conferences and events. To truly be at the forefront, you can't just sit at home tinkering away; you've got to be where the sparks fly!  

This means business trips. Plenty of them! And if you reckon booking online is a breeze, you might want to reconsider. Hidden costs, tedious procedures - it's a maze!

The next big thing in travel management? We are! 

  • Blueprint for Green Travel: Check out Corporate Traveller's sustainability guide to eco-friendly journeys. You'll find tips on how to be more sustainable during business trips. If you're interested in the future of sustainable hospitality, take a glance through this chronicle.
  • Swift and Efficient: With Corporate Traveller, say goodbye to 49-minute booking dramas. With Corporate Traveller, you can wrap up bookings faster than a lightning bolt and save your brilliant brainpower for your next "aha" moment.
  • Innovative Savings: No more blowing your travel budget on last-minute plans. We're like deal-hunting ninjas, even for those eleventh-hour decisions.
  • Mega Deals: We negotiate global deals that even Elon Musk would raise an eyebrow for. Talk about aiming for the stars!
  • Safety Shield: When your people are travelling, their well-being is paramount. We ensure they're safeguarded.

How about a joyride into the future?

Had enough of wrestling with travel logistics? Let's make a pact: you keep cooking up those genius business ideas, while the travel wizards (that's us at Corporate Traveller) work their magic behind the scenes.

Download the ultimate playbook for those who are making a name in emerging industries: “On-the-Go Innovators: Business Travel Solutions for Dynamic Emerging Industries”.


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