Production, Sports & Creative

From organising productions and shoots to large-scale projects and sports tours, our specialist production sports and creative team becomes an extension of your organisation.

Our production, sports and creative team specialises in providing travel management services and logistics for the entertainment, sports and creative industries, including music and touring, film and TV production, performing arts and fashion clients. With a wealth of experience in group travel and VIP travel for major production and music tours, our team can offer you volume discounts and entertainment fares, freight and excess luggage expertise, as well as group travel advice, media baggage rates, onsite management, visa and carnet support and meet and greet services.


TV and film production can take you all over the globe, including to some remote or challenging destinations. When you partner with us, no matter where you are, we will make sure you, your team and all your kit arrives in your destination on time and in one piece, allowing you to get on with the important job of shooting.


When it comes to sporting events, flexibility is key. Fixtures take place in all four corners of the world, often on a very tight schedule and with travel required over peak periods. At Corporate Traveller production sports and creative, we understand that both you and your equipment needs to be in the right place at the right time, so you can start training without delay.


Travel is an essential part of working in the creative industry, with events such as concerts, fashion weeks, virtual reality product launches, advertising, media and promotional tours taking place in cities around the world, and travel often required at busy times. But wherever your music or fashion show takes you, Corporate Traveller’s specialist team will ensure your instruments, wardrobe and equipment are right there where you need them.

Ready to hit the high notes with travel management tailored for film and tv productions, large-scale projects, and sports tours?

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