Welcome to the closing flight of the CT Chronicles, Supplier Edition!  

In this episode, we explore the world of affordable air travel. Kirby Gordon, CMO at FlySafair, joins us to guide us through the fascinating intricacies of low-cost flying. 

Why does flying on a budget often seem anything but inexpensive? Kirby sheds light on the market dynamics and how FlySafair has adapted in the post-COVID landscape, bridging the gap between supply and demand in innovative ways. 

Expansion, Efficiency, Sustainability, and On-Board Experience 

Arriving at the airport 90 minutes early isn't merely about beating the queues; it's part of FlySafair's timely strategy. Alongside expanding into exciting regional destinations, the airline is refining service levels, emphasising efficiency, and maintaining a commitment to sustainability—all within their affordable model. For those travelling longer routes exceeding four hours, complimentary snacks add a touch of comfort, reflecting FlySafair's dedication to enhancing the passenger experience. 

Inside the Cockpit: Operations, Sustainability, and Future Plans 

Ever wondered how FlySafair selects its 200 routes or addresses the global pilots' shortage? Kirby takes us behind the scenes, revealing the strategic decisions that shape FlySafair's daily flights. 

A Greener Tomorrow and a Friendly Foosball Challenge 

Sustainability isn't a buzzword; it's a commitment. FlySafair is actively targeting a 15% growth over the next two years with a keen eye on reducing emissions. Kirby's passion even extends to a fun foosball challenge—a light-hearted moment that embodies the spirit of FlySafair. 

So here we are, taxiing to the final gate of our CT Chronicles journey. Don't miss the full conversation with Kirby Gordon.  

We hope you've found inspiration and insight in these Chronicles. Safe travels! 

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