Welcome to another episode of CT Chronicles: Supplier Edition! This time, we're joined by our esteemed guest, Wilson Tauro, Country Manager of Southern Africa, for Air France-KLM, in an insightful conversation with our very own Lance Nkwe. 

In a revelation that's sure to turn heads, Tauro announced that current travel demand out of South Africa has outpaced even the 2019 figures. That's right! Despite the challenges faced globally, the thirst for travel is stronger than ever within the South African market, showcasing an impressive rebound and appetite for both leisure and business travel. 

Air France-KLM is at the front, transforming the upswing into real innovation. The game-changer? Flexible air tickets. These are more than just tickets; they're a revolution in air travel retail. With these flexible options, passengers pay for what they need and scrap what they don’t. It's the epitome of bespoke travel, catering to the specific needs and preferences of each traveller. This revolution in airfares is not only redefining how we buy tickets but also reinforcing the company's dedication to customer satisfaction. 

In terms of green initiatives, Air France-KLM isn't just making strides, they're leaping ahead. With an ambitious plan to become a carbon-neutral company by 2050, they're investing in modernising their fleet, reducing emissions per customer, and introducing sustainable aviation fuel. Plus, Air France-KLM is offering customers the option to contribute to the fight against climate change, with the option to choose sustainable aviation fuel on their flight. 

This proactive approach underlines their commitment to sustainable travel, setting an industry example. 

As if that's not enough, Air France-KLM is also upping the stakes in the sphere of luxury. Cue new business class suites on South African routes. These elegant spaces take passenger comfort to new heights, combining style, serenity, and service to create a unique and enjoyable flight experience. 

In this CT Chronicles episode, witness the strides Air France-KLM is taking towards a new era in air travel. With flexible air tickets, fierce commitments to sustainability, and enhanced passenger comfort, they're setting the tone for the industry's future. Buckle up, lean back in your seat, and get ready for a journey that's about more than just the destination. 

Join us on this exciting journey through the ins and outs of air travel trends. Listen to the conversation here.  

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