Unlocking value and cost savings with Corporate Traveller   


You can’t talk about cost savings without talking about added value. Value is what you get that you can’t always calculate

(think dedicated service, 24/7 support, personal cheerleader), as well as the things you can put a price on

(perks, time savings, healthier bottom lines).    If you’ve landed here, you must be wondering,

“What is it that Corporate Traveller can offer me that I can’t get anywhere else”? Great question. Let’s explore that!


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All the added value of working with Corporate Traveller  

1. Dedicated service + expert advice = VIP treatment  

When you come onboard, you’ll be working with dedicated travel consultants who not only go above and beyond, they’re also on hand with expert advice, whenever you need it. Whether it’s figuring out what documentation you need for travel, baggage questions, or advice about local customs, they’re there to make the journey as seamless as possible. That’s a lot of saved time, time better spent on more important tasks.    

You’ll also have the support of a 24/7 emergency after-hours team. If ever you’re in a jam, you’ll be able to call in to real people who know your business. You can't put a price on service like this!

2. Get the exclusive perks your team wants (and needs!)   

When it comes to making business travel easier, the smallest perks can make a big impact. Included breakfast, free Wi-Fi, late check-out, and upgrades – all these tiny details pack big value which saves your business plenty in the long-run. Your travel manager will show you what added perks are available for each trip!   

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3. Innovative technology that’s easy to use    

No one wants to waste time searching multiple travel booking platforms for hotels for the best rates. At Corporate Traveller, our platform Concur, was developed with user experience in mind. Find the best rates and most suitable options for your travellers and their individual booking preferences, all the while keeping your policy in mind.    

But it isn’t just a booking tool – where’s the value in that?! It’s also a policy-holding powerhouse that makes sure you get what you need with as few clicks as possible. Increase time-savings and lower stress with better tech at your fingertips.   

4. Say goodbye to rigid booking conditions!    

When you book online through a third-party provider, you’re also booking stricter fares with really rigid terms and conditions! Cost reduction aside, unless you’re thoroughly reading the T&Cs (who has the time?!), you might be choosing a fare that is non-refundable, non-changeable, and no-fun. The upfront cost might be lower, but considering over 20% of flights get changed, and once you build in all the bits not included, you'll more than likely be spending much more than anticipated.     

Booking with a TMC almost guarantees you’ll find more flexibility in changes and cancellations, but it also means you’ll have an easier time using travel credits. PLUS, with Corporate Traveller, our time-tested relationships with airlines and suppliers means we can call in a favour here and there if we’re ever in a jam.     

According to GBTA - businesses stand to save anywhere form 5%-50% of their travel spend. Of course, that depends on how established your travel program is and the volume of travel you do annually, but I think we can all agree – in this economic climate, all savings are very welcome!    

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