When taxi strikes paralysed Cape Town, leaving travellers stranded en route to and from the airport, it wasn't just an inconvenience—it was a wake-up call. It revealed an unsettling truth: only 24% of companies have a Plan B for travel risk management, according to a survey by Everbridge.

This is a violation of your duty of care to your employees. A contingency plan isn't optional—it's obligatory. The "duty of care" concept isn't restricted to exotic overseas trips. Your legal and moral obligation to ensure safe travel and emergency support for your employees extends to every aspect of their work-related travel—whether they're flying cross-country or simply commuting to the office.

Smith sums it up: "When you go above and beyond in your duty of care, you're not just protecting your team; you're solidifying your reputation as an employer that prioritises safety unequivocally. It’s a positive business decision."

Corporate Traveller isn't a mere option for your company's travel safety—it's the definitive business travel solution. With our cutting-edge technology and around-the-clock expert consultation, we don't just set the bar for safety; we are the bar. We offer exhaustive risk travel risk management and assessments, immediate security alerts, and swift emergency responses.  

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