Piecing together the Duty of Care puzzle

If your employees have to travel for business of any kind, it’s up to you to keep them as safe as possible and communicate what they need to do if an emergency situation arises while on their travels.

Piece together your Duty of Care programme using these considerations and meet your obligations as an employer and traveller:

1. Communication


Consider how you will keep in touch with your travellers (and vice versa) and how often. At Corporate Traveller we automatically keep a record of all your travellers’ contact details and their emergency details too.

Consider tools like:

  • YourCT mobile: an app that enables travellers to connect with their itineraries and contact details for their travel manager – including after-hours details.
  • Travel news: subscribe to our mailing list or follow the CT Twitter pages for breaking travel news and updates.

2. Emergency Procedures


Do your travellers know what process to follow in an emergency?  Make sure you clearly outline your procedure in your travel policy and communicate it to all your employees and travellers. Remember to keep it clear, concise and simple!

For assistance in compiling your Travel Policy and further insights into what Duty of Care information to include, download your free Travel Policy Guide and Template here.

3. Managing Risk

From the minute your travellers start planning their trip, to when they reach their destination and come home, you need to have the right measures in place to mitigate their risk.

Such as:

  • They need to know any risk factors of the countries they are flying to and understand them before they go.  This includes information like what vaccinations they may need or measures to follow when travelling to high risk areas.
  • Ensure you have a travel insurance policy in place (like TIC). You can take out an annual policy that covers all your travellers all year round – saving you on costs and time to apply for one every time you travel.
  • For travel to high risk destinations you may need to consider a full risk mitigation programme that includes on the ground support and extraction plans.  Corporate Traveller can assist in arranging this through our partners at International SOS.

4. Data Security

Is your sensitive company data and the details of your travellers safely stored? If you partner with Corporate Traveller, all traveller information and your own company payment information is securely stored in a password protected portal system that is backed up by external servers.

Your travel expert can guide you on the delivery of your Duty of Care programme.  Speak to us today for more information and advice.

Download a copy your essential guide to travel risk management to help you mitigate risk and meet your duty of care obligation