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When it comes right down to it, your people are your greatest asset. Which makes protecting them a pretty big deal. Even more so when they’re out on the road. And while COVID-19 gave us all a lesson in disruption, we live in an ever-changing world where anything can happen— and usually does. 

This is why traveller safety should be at the heart of any travel programme. From managing any (and all) travel concerns with trustworthy advice, real-time information and smart recommendations, to health and safety dashboards and traveller tracking, it’s crucial to take a dynamic, decisive approach to duty of care.  

Most people associate travel risk management with swooping in and bringing your travellers home (which does happen) but there’s way more to it. Think pre-travel risk assessments, alerts, the vetting of suppliers, open communication and 24-hour support—not to mention your traveller’s health and mental wellbeing. 

Does it sound overwhelming? Don’t stress. There is tech, and people, to keep you safe! 

Could COVID still scupper your plans?

We’ve all heard a few nightmare travel stories courtesy of COVID-19: bosses stuck in another country as borders closed; travellers forced to quarantine for 14 days or more; flights cancelled; regulations changed; and goalposts moved.  

It’s made even the steeliest travel experts a little wary. 

Take this quiz to analyse your travel plans. After all, if COVID (and the Scouts) have taught us anything, it’s be prepared. 

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Trust in the tech

Trust in the Tech: 5 Ways to make the most of technology to support your people

As a business owner or travel manager, keeping your travellers safe is your top priority. One that could keep you up at night. (Why do things always go wrong after hours?) 

Luckily, we have the tools, tech and expertise to support you. Even better, today’s tech is easy to use. Intrigued? Find out exactly how to make the most our risk management tools in your travel programme. 

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Safer travel starts here

Travel with confidence

Traveller confidence is everything. The safer your employees feel on their travels the more relaxed and productive they’ll be, which is great for morale, improving staff retention and ultimately the growth and success of your business. And it all starts with a little preparation.  

Looking for the ultimate checklist to guide your travellers? From packing their bags to returning home safely, it all starts here. 

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Hear it from our customers

Barrick Gold Corporation is an ambitious multinational gold mining business with gold and copper mining operations and projects in 13 countries. The company’s diversified portfolio spans many of the world’s prolific gold districts and is focused on high-margin, long-life assets.

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