24/7 Emergency Assistance

When you work with us, you have access to 24-hour Emergency Assistance, no matter where you are in the world. 

Support when you need it

When travel emergencies happen, you have a partner on stand-by to get you back on track. Our 24/7 emergency assistance and personal approach will assist you when your flight is delayed by bad weather, public transport grinds to a halt or when you simply need to change your travel plans last-minute to secure a business deal. No matter what the delay, your Corporate Traveller expert will call on ahead to rearrange airport transfers and hotel check-ins.

Your business travellers can take comfort in knowing there’s an expert team on hand they can turn to 24/7. 

Backed by the best

The team that is dedicated to you is backed by our local support businesses to ensure that you are always taken care of, whatever your needs may be. Our Fares and Ticketing team can make last minute changes and we can always bring in more support for severe situations. 

We've been known to come into the office at 2am to take care of extreme circumstances before.

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