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Sam's here to support you throughout your journey.

Whether you are on the go or away on a business trip, you can be confident that Sam can handle all of your travel needs. From pre-trip information such as letting you know the weather in your destination to help you pack, to alerting you of a change of departure gate and organising a taxi on arrival, you’ll find Sam really helpful.

Sam:] in Action

SAM flight bookings

Itinerary management

Access and view your flight and hotel information at the click of a button including terminal, gate and seat details. Plus Sam will send you handy reminders on the status of your booking.
sam - weather and traffic

Weather and traffic reports

Sam intuitively sends you an update on the weather before your trip, to help you with packing. Sam will remind you when it’s time to leave, plus provide an update on the traffic status.
SAM check in reminder

Check-in reminder

Sam will notify you when check-in is open for your flight so you have the best chance of avoiding the dreaded middle seat. A few taps later, the check-in is done and you’re ready to go.
SAM travel alerts

Travel alerts

Receive live travel notifications whenever there’s relevant information you should know: flight status updates and cancellations, boarding gate changes, critical alerts and more.

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Introducing Sam:] for Travel Arrangers

SAM for travel arrangers


Managing the travel plans of one individual can be difficult enough, but coordinating travel plans for whole teams of people can be complicated - especially when unforeseen and unexpected issues arise. Sam has additional functionality designed to support Travel Arrangers and ensure that travel management can be hassle-free.

Sam can be used to show each traveller's flight plans and automatically alert the Travel Arranger to any substantial delays or cancellations. Travel Arrangers can also use Sam to send messages directly to their travellers about important destination information as well as any changes or problems that may arise.

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