Risk management strategies for 2022

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We have all been waiting for the moment when business travel reignites - bringing with it productive overseas networking opportunities and new partnerships, while you enjoy the opportunity to (finally!) meet face-to-face and broaden your horizons. Even though bags are packed at the door and suits are ironed, there are still a few hurdles to overcome. Just at the perfect time, Corporate Traveller has established a new tool which allows you to assess whether you are, indeed, ready for post-COVID travel.

The COVID Travel Risk Assessment will help you understand your current processes, and where you might have gaps in your travel risk plans. There are no right or wrong answers; it’s all to help you move forward with confidence. Once you have answered the questions, you’ll receive your risk rating and get advice from travel consultants on how to reduce your risk.

Get the answers on questions like:

  • With borders open, does this mean your business travellers are ready to travel?
  • Is there one system in place, whereby business travellers can find out any information relating to their travel plans?
  • Will you allow business travellers to travel if they must quarantine?
  • Do your business travellers have to be fully vaccinated before they travel?
  • Have you updated your regular travel and expense policy?
  • Have you conducted traveller surveys to assess how business travellers are feeling?
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