Corporate Traveller RFP Guide

Feeling like your current travel management company (TMC) partnership has gone stale? If there's no more spark and your business travel needs aren't being met, it might be time to get back out there and explore other options. Or, perhaps your online booking process is no longer delivering the goods? Time for change?  

If you're getting ready for an RFP, you're not alone. For SMEs, RFPs for travel management are becoming a big deal. Why? SMEs need solid travel support to keep growing while making sure every trip adds value and ROI. RFPs help pick the perfect TMC to match their evolving needs. 

But finding your perfect TMC match through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process isn't as simple as swiping right. 

Our comprehensive new guide “Don't Settle for Less: How to RFP Your Way to a Game-Changing TMC” is here to play matchmaker. This must-read manual on the RFP process will teach you how to run an RFP that attracts innovative, tailored proposals from TMCs who truly get you and your travel requirements. 

Whether you're new to the RFP dating game or a seasoned expert, this guide is your wingman for conducting a smooth, structured process to find that perfect travel partner. No more settling for mediocre - you deserve a TMC that makes your heart sing! 

You'll learn...

rfp, rfq, request for proposal, tender
The key differences between RFQs, RFPs, and Tenders to pick your best approach 
rfp, request for proposal, data, privacy
Tips for safely sharing sensitive data without compromising your privacy   
rfp, rfq, request for proposal, best practice
Best-practice timeline, communication, and ethical considerations 
rfp, request for proposal, travel trends
Emerging travel trends like putting employees first that savvy TMCs need to embrace 
rfp, request for proposal, inclusions
Essentials to include in your RFP to give TMCs all the details they need 
rfp, rfq, evaluate, travel management
A self-evaluator to see if your current TMC still has that spark 

Score Corporate Traveller’s free guide to crafting a killer travel management RFP.

Ready to meet your match? Download our must-read guide and prepare to be swept off your feet by game-changing TMC proposals. 


corporate traveller, rfp, request for proposal, sme
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