South Africa stands on the brink of a new era as economic challenges meet innovative transformations. The future of business travel is rapidly evolving, shaped by the nation's economic realities and three major catalysts: Bleisure, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. 

Amid economic stagnation warnings and uncertainties, South African businesses have the opportunity to redefine their strategies, aligning them with the changing tides. Our enlightening white paper navigates this complex landscape, delivering crucial insights and practical solutions.

Discover the significant revelations in our paper: 

  • The 'Bleisure' Revolution: Understanding how the blend of business and leisure is redefining the work environment in response to demand for flexibility and location-agnostic practices. 

  • The AI Breakthrough: Harnessing AI's power to transform travel experiences, assist in decision-making, and provide real-time updates, all against the backdrop of economic unpredictability. 

  • The ESG Imperative: Unpacking why these initiatives are no longer optional but crucial for long-term success, consumer loyalty, and investor attractiveness in a financially strained economy. 

Consider these surprising findings:

  • A staggering fact: Only 8% of US companies prioritise sustainability in their travel programmes. It's an open opportunity for South African companies to spearhead change and champion sustainable business travel. 

  • The ESG investment market is forecast to soar to a mind-blowing US$53 trillion by 2025. Aligning with ESG principles is not just responsible, it's profitable. 

  • Unearth the game-changing role of AI in travel management, enhancing trip planning, transforming search and booking processes, and aiding in real-time travel updates. AI stands as a potent tool in navigating South Africa's economic storm.

Our white paper, ‘Economic Jet Lag: Understanding the Impact of SA’s Economy on Business Travel’ presents a comprehensive guide to navigating these challenges and capturing opportunities in business travel. With in-depth analysis, practical strategies, and forward-thinking predictions, you'll be equipped to chart a course to a sustainable, prosperous future in South Africa's vibrant business travel landscape. 

Are you ready to embark on your journey of mastery in business travel?

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