Underpacking – that’s one of the top mistakes business travellers make, according to research by passport app Photoaid. While it might lead to awkward moments like wearing your Hawaiian shirt to a formal dinner or attempting to pass off your gym clothes as appropriate attire during a client presentation, it won't hurt your business.

The real danger, the one that could significantly impact both your business and budget, lies in errors during your trip's booking process. Even a seemingly insignificant error like a typo can turn out to be a costly blunder.

Here's food for thought: an astonishing 55 percent of businesses are bypassing potential savings by managing their travel plans internally. Furthermore, due to last-minute arrangements, 22% end up splurging unnecessarily on bookings.

These findings result from a survey conducted by Corporate Traveller involving 255 SME owners and decision-makers from diverse industries. The survey set out to identify common mistakes when arranging business trips.

So, what are the most common pitfalls of poor business travel planning, and how can you sidestep the drama?

Bonnie Smith, GM Corporate Traveller, takes us through the common pain points, and how a travel management company (TMC) like Corporate Traveller can prevent them, and help you save money on travel expenses: 

“It's not just about fixing the financial mess caused by these slip-ups; a company's reputation is at stake when a simple business travel booking mistake makes a traveller late for a crucial meeting. Business travellers are increasingly turning to TMCs as experts who can give them back their precious time and take away the stress of dealing with the never-ending hassles,” says Smith.

Don’t let these business travel mistakes hold back your business for another minute. Get in touch with Corporate Traveller and we’ll help you get your travel management on track.

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