Corporate Traveller (part of FCTG Corporate (Pty) Ltd) achieves Level 1 BEE rating three years in a row. You can download the certificate here.

“As an Australian-listed company, this is a huge milestone for Corporate Traveller. This will continue to give the travel management company the competitive edge in market. We offer clients the advantage of working with the most experienced travel team while at the same time reaping the procurement benefits of working with a Level 1 BEE supplier,” says Bonnie Smith, Director Corporate Traveller.

“There are no secrets,” adds Smith. “The only way to achieve Level 1 BEE compliance is by focussing on empowerment in all its different facets. The importance of understanding BEE compliance lies in being able to interpret the value. As a group, we believe in the BEE vision and transformation goals, and we are committed to empowering our staff at FCTG Corporate through broad-based initiatives.”

To achieve transformation, FCTG Corporate created a broad-based black economic empowerment plan and set up an AICC female trust. The trust affords female staff from AICC backgrounds who have worked for FCTG for a minimum of 12 months the opportunity to earn annual dividends on the trust's shares.

“I am proud to announce that after a strong year for the Corporate Brands we have paid over a million rand worth of dividends to the 215 eligible female employees,” says Smith. “This aligns with our overall company philosophy of ‘our people’ and also our strategy to broadly impact our people's prosperity.”

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