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As we wrap up 2023, you might be curious about what's on the horizon for business travel in South Africa in 2024. Well, you're in luck—we've got a corporate travel forecast straight from the source (well, on video). GM of Corporate Traveller Bonnie Smith is your go-to voice on the subject.

So, what did Bonnie’s 2023 brand update reveal? Starting with a pleasant surprise, Bonnie reveals our business travellers gave us a solid 93% traveller satisfaction rating in their survey feedback. The applause is ringing for Corporate Traveller's professionalism, problem-solving prowess, consultant responsiveness, and turnaround times. Big thanks!

Corporate Traveller | Business travel | 2024 Calendar

Business travel forecast 2024: What's in store for your journeys?

While business travel is still recovering, demand remains high. Travel costs are up about 9% due to inflation, load shedding in South Africa, global conflicts and high fuel prices.

The good news for business trips? Bonnie predicts price stability for corporate travel. Expect to see more flight options, hotel rooms and rental cars available to meet the needs of the higher travel volumes. This surge in availability might just stir up some healthy competition, potentially offering a welcome break on price increases.

There were plenty more useful tidbits in Bonnie's update.

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