Redpath Mining’s savings in travel costs since getting Corporate Traveller on board illustrate the importance of appointing a professional travel specialist to streamline business travel.

Redpath’s travel challenges

Redpath provides a variety of services to the mining industry around the world. Due to the nature of its operations, Redpath staff members travel frequently, mostly to Zambia. The company became aware of an increase in costs due to employees frequently changing their travel dates, and found this difficult to manage internally.

A professional solution

Corporate Traveller’s team of specialists began by assessing the travel patterns of Redpath’s staff, and has been managing all the company’s flights, and accommodation and car hire, since November 2012. Corporate Traveller communicated with travellers and educated them about the importance of planning in advance (when possible), explaining the cost implications of last minute travel changes. This resulted in a significant decrease in changes. In instances where changes to bookings cannot be avoided, it’s now managed more smoothly and at a reduced cost, thanks to Corporate Traveller’s 24/7 free after-hours support.

The bottom line

Streamlining the travel process, reducing changes to travel dates, and managing unavoidable changes more smoothly and at a reduced cost have led to significant savings for Redpath.