The personal service and expert advice provided to Portnex International is the perfect example of how bringing a professional travel specialist on board can deliver better-than-expected results.

Portnex’s travel challenges

Portnex International is a global reductant specialist with offices in multiple countries. Portnex sought the assistance of Corporate Traveller to help streamline its travel booking system due to a high number of last-minute bookings. This included the management of all its travel needs including air travel, hotel bookings, vehicle hire, securing ad hoc visas and setting up travel insurance.

A professional solution

Corporate Traveller began by evaluating the client account and its travel patterns. They then presented Portnex with a number of flight options that included flexible tickets, which allow travellers to change the flight date or time at no additional cost. Free after-hours assistance also meant that last-minute changes could be managed properly and travellers were never left stranded.

The bottom line

By devising practical, low-cost solutions, Corporate Traveller was able to save Portnex between 5% and 10% on airfares. The amount of time spent sourcing flights has also been significantly reduced as a direct result of last-minute travel bookings having been taken over by a seasoned travel expert.

To find out more about Portnex visit www.portnex.com