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A wake-up call from Emburse - 71% of companies have sustainability policies but only 37% apply them when booking travel. Not on our watch!  

Corporate Traveller has teamed up with Hertz to completely transform green business travel for our clients. Say hello to a world where booking eco-friendly car rentals is as easy as a walk in the park thanks to electric vehicles. Hertz boasts a fleet of 300 Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles ready to roll.  

Ready to take the wheel and drive the change of travel management, kilometre by kilometre? 

What about boosting your sustainability efforts? Our dedicated teams and cutting-edge tech will guide you on booking policies, carbon offsets, and travel reporting so you can kick carbon to the curb. 

You can also support environmentally friendly projects through Corporate Traveller. Our carbon offset partnerships are one more way to meet your ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) goals - taking you a step closer to carbon-neutral targets.  

Take an inspirational joyride with us! Join our Operations Manager, Rategang Moroke and Hertz who met up with Octavia Mnikathi of Food & Trees for Africa's Basheshebahleka project. In Cosmo City, they're growing vibrant gardens (100 of them and counting!) that keep communities stocked with fresh greens. All thanks to your sustainable business travel choices and Corporate Traveller.  

Check out the video with Rategang and see your impact blossoming.

Do you want to support environmentally friendly projects through Corporate Traveller? Get in touch!