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Accelerate your car hire savings

Whether it is a quick trip from A to B or a lengthy journey on the road, our exclusive SmartDRIVE extras will help you to arrive at your destination for less.

Designed specifically with the business traveller in mind, SmartDRIVE includes a range of perks such as guaranteed availability, even during peak travel times, making it the smartest way to hit the road.


SmartDRIVE inclusions:

  • Guaranteed availability in Group A
  • Insurance excess waivers
  • Location surcharge valued at 12% of booking
  • Choice of mileage options with up to 400km free per day

Add SmartDRIVE to your travel programme and give your car hire budget some extra mileage.

Contact Corporate Traveller now to discover how SmartDRIVE will boost the value of your travel programme through:

Smarter benefits – receive specially negotiated discounts and complimentary services from our preferred car hire partners.

Smarter productivity – increase your comfort and convenience with value-adds designed specifically for business travellers.

Smarter value – take the pressure off your travel budget by getting more for every rand you spend.

Speak to your travel manager or enquire today for more information.

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Terms & conditions

Offers valid for car rental within South Africa only.  Vehicles must be booked 48hrs in advance to guarantee availability.  Insurance excess waivers apply to Super Collision Damage Waiver and Super Theft Loss Waiver.