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Building a better travel and expense policy: step by step

Travel and expense management (or T&E) is the process of collecting all travel-related expenses in order to write them off (and not pay taxes on that amount). In most countries, business-related travel, including flights, hotels, and ground transportation is fully expensable.

This is great news. But you need to have your ducks (aka business travellers) in a row. A travel and expense policy provides a great framework for guiding employees and regulating how expenses are managed and processed. From setting budgets on flights and accommodation to standardising expense management processes, your travel & expense management policy should answer any (and all) questions about company travel, so you don’t have to.

Of course, the main purpose of a travel & expense management policy is to control spending. But a solid policy (with no room for ambiguity) will also help you deal with all the challenges often associated with travel and expense management.

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