Benefits of a travel policy

Benefits of Travel Policy

Did you know that a comprehensive Travel Policy can streamline the booking travel process and help to reduce business travel costs?

If international surveys are any indication then many businesses are without a comprehensive company policy on business travel and could be missing out on a world of savings.  A travel policy does not have to be complex and if you do not have one, your dedicated Customer Relationship Manager will help you define and create one or you can download our guide that will help you write an effective policy. Applying a few a simple rules will bring visible benefits in terms of cost reduction, control and traveller information. 

These are some of the benefits you can expect when you have a Travel Policy in place:

  • Properly defined travel booking procedures
  • One stop travel management for all travel services
  • Exclusive corporate rates negotiated on your behalf
  • Adherence to your preferred airline, car rental, hotel of choice resulting in substantial cost savings
  • Comprehensive traveller profiles for all staff
  • Corporate duty of care advice and assistance

Policies are designed to help you manage your travel arrangements without the hassle of overseeing every little detail. Your travel policy will provide all travelling staff and travel bookers with useful information and more importantly parameters when making travel arrangements.

A typical travel policy will contain, but is not limited to, guidelines for domestic and international travel, which airlines should be used, who should travel in economy and who is permitted to travel in business class. One of the main benefits of this would be to accumulate air loyalty miles and benefit from exclusive fares negotiated on your behalf.

Travel policies can also dictate which preferred hotel chains should be used. Items such as mini-bar usage, laundry and dry cleaning charges and whether a single or double room should be booked will be features of your policy. As will meal allowances, car rental, use of own vehicle etc.

You policy can be as detailed as you wish for it to be and Corporate Traveller is more than happy to assist with drawing this up. In the long run your company will save time and money with a well-thought out and properly implemented travel policy.

Speak to your Customer Relationship Manager today for more information.