Time for a new approach?

time for a new approach

Our world is about to open up again.

Corporate Traveller’s new step by step approach ensures you’ll make the most of it.

Remember the golden times of travel?

Pre-COVID, we could do business pretty much anywhere at a moment’s notice. Your employees hopped on planes, had a purpose in their stride, helped you build connections and partnerships, struck deals, opened plants and proved their worth on the road.

Then a virus stopped everything... or did it?

The world is bouncing back! Vaccines rollouts have moved at super speeds, giving confidence to travellers and allowing us to break free of the cages we have been cooped up in. With Corporate Traveller’s new approach to business travel, the golden times of travel are about to become reality once again. This time it will be with a newfound appreciation for what we once took for granted. We now know, more than ever, how important real connections with real people are. This time, it will be with a new, step by step approach that ensures the safety, peace of mind and confidence your business travellers deserve...

This is your time to fly.

But first, we’d like to make sure you’re well-grounded! 

Like dipping your toe into unknown waters before jumping in, it’s wise to have questions: 

  • How will you know when the time is right?
  • When will it be safe to travel internationally?
  • Is the ideal travel experience a touchless experience?
  • What do your travellers want in this new world? Flexibility, access to an expert, added perks, sustainability options?
  • Can you have expertise, service and still realize savings? 

At Corporate Traveller, we answer each of these questions every day. After 30 years of navigating the complexities of business travel, we understand that, even now, it doesn’t have to be difficult. We’re helping thousands of businesses across the globe prepare for the next golden age of business travel. We’d appreciate the chance to share our new approach to help you with yours. Your business has survived a lot. You deserve to reap the rewards of your ingenuity and perseverance. This is indeed your time to fly and we’re here to help. To get you started, here is our Corporate Traveller guide to the questions you should be asking.