What to expect from corporate travel 2020 and beyond

From ash clouds to terrorism, wildfires and pandemics, the 21st century has dealt some massive blows to the global travel industry. But travel industry players have always fought back with unwavering resilience.

New research from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) shows that one-third of companies plan their company’s post-coronavirus recovery to occur in three months or less, while a quarter says they plan a post-recovery in six to eight months, with domestic business travel leading the way. Only one in ten are planning for recovery in 2021.

Ten ways Corporate Travel will change post-COVID-19

1 Digital will have its place but will not replace business travel
2 Slower flight connections will be the new normal
3 Air safety will be redefined
4 A paperless air experience will be fast-tracked
5 COVID-19 will probably not spell the end of the ‘middle seat’
6 The new role of the travel manager
7 The aviation landscape will look different
8 Hotel rates will be renegotiated
9 Goodbye hotel minibar
10 Communication will be relevant, clear and facilitated by technology

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