Travel management fees: what you get in return

If you are considering appointing a travel management company (TMC), like Corporate Traveller, it is important to understand what kind of fees they charge, and what you’ll be getting in return. Different TMCs have different fee structures, and not every structure will suit your business.

In the past, businesses were left with little choice when it came to corporate travel management, and they simply had to settle for whatever package the TMC was offering. Today, however, TMCs allow their clients to tailor make the services they require, and they offer a host of additional services and value-adds that make managing your corporate travel (and your travel spend) much easier.

If you’re still concerned that the cost of appointing a TMC may outweigh the benefits, here are some things you may want to consider before making up your mind.

1. A travel management company is so much more than a travel agent

One of the reasons why companies may be hesitant to appoint a TMC, is that they believe they can book their travel themselves, and that is true. It is not difficult to book travel, but that’s not all a travel management company does. A TMC will help you:

  • Track your journeys so that you can analyse your spending. When you suddenly see the last 12 months’ travel behaviour on one page, you’ll realise the value of reporting. You will be able to identify areas where you could not only save money, but get better value too.
  • Track your travellers so that you can get hold of them in a heartbeat in an emergency
  • Comply with the company’s travel policy
  • Create an awareness of the environmental impact of your travel

2. Get the most out of your relationship with your TMC

When you decide to appoint a TMC it is important that you work with them to create a travel strategy that delivers value to your company.

  • Get to know each other. Your TMC will be able to start negotiating special rates for you once they get to know your travel habits and preferences.
  • Work with your travel expert. Not only should your travel expert be available to assist you 24/7 with travel emergencies, they should also be able to advise you on travel options, and help you identify and overcome organisational challenges related to travel.
  • Save time and money. Your TMC will be able to book and coordinate the various components of your travel, including flights, cars, and hotels, much faster than you can. They should also be able to help you get the best deals. It may be tempting to book your travel personally online, but many booking engines hide the extra costs until you get to the check-out page. Make sure you don’t sacrifice long term savings for short term gains.

3. Ask about the travel extras

Many TMCs offer extras that will make your life abundantly easier. At Corporate Traveller, you can book your Forex directly with your travel expert, and get VIP rates. They will assist you with travel insurance, offer a full visa service, and send a nurse to your office to take care of your travel vaccinations.

In addition, Corporate Traveller’s TRAVELsmart suite boosts the value of every rand you spend with preferred partners, giving you free value-adds every time you book.

To talk to a travel expert about the value of appointing a Travel Management Company, contact Corporate Traveller today.