How we helped Jade get home in time for the birth of his first child

How we helped Jade get home

We got Jade home in time for the birth of his son; what can your travel expert do for you?

When you think of a travel emergency any number of things could come to mind – but what about the birth of your first child while you’re on a business trip? This is exactly the emergency that one of our travel experts was recently faced with. 


Robex SA has been a Corporate Traveller client for a number of months. Recently, one of their executives, Jade was on his way to Durban on a business trip when he heard that his wife was in labour – they were about to have their first child.  


Jade’s office immediately notified us, and we managed to get Jade on the first flight back to Johannesburg, in time for the birth of his son! Because of the excellent relationships we have built with airlines and other service providers, Jade’s travel expert was able to make these special arrangements for him at a moment’s notice. 


Having a travel expert on standby to assist you in every emergency gives you the peace of mind you need to get on with business.