Essential Insights into your Business Travellers

When it comes to business travel, it is beneficial to understand the unique needs of your employees. For instance, do they have any special requirements for their trip? What kind of accommodation would suit them best? Should you look at premium options or will more economical alternatives suffice?

If managed successfully, you can not only ensure that your travel policy is more effective, but also create the most productive work environment for your employees every step of the way.

Use the following guide to classify the different types of traveller and their specific needs:

Experienced Executives

These are primarily well-seasoned travellers who hold senior positions in their industry. Having travelled often, they have come to expect a certain level of comfort that is in keeping with their elevated positions. They are also unlikely to make their own travel arrangements. 

What they expect:

  • Effortless travel planning and bookings
  • Priority check-in, boarding and upgrades
  • Conveniently located premium hotels
  • Loyalty programme membership

What you should book:

Business-class flights and premium hotels will ensure superior levels of service and comfort.

Non-Stop Voyagers

These travellers are always on the go. Whether they’re sales representatives on a road show or mid-level managers attending a conference, they are no stranger to travelling. Non-Stop Voyagers often visit the same destinations repeatedly.

What they expect:

  • Room service, priority check-in and flexible bookings
  • WiFi connectivity in hotels
  • Complimentary extras and VIP loyalty status
  • Entertainment and free access to hotel gyms

What you should book:

Due to the frequency of their bookings, Non-Stop Voyagers are often on a strict budget and therefore require suppliers that offer convenience, value for money and loyalty rewards.

Movers and Shakers

Movers and Shakers refer to ambitious entrepreneurs and junior managers. This group often associates business travel with a sign of success and prestige. They are always online, using smart phones and social media to stay in touch during their trip.

What they expect:

  • Being productive en route
  • Experiencing the food, culture and sights of the city they’re visitng
  • Staying connected while on the road
  • Posting reviews on social media

What you should book:

Movers and Shakers prefer boutique hotels that offer WiFi and are in close proximity to local dining and entertainment districts. Memberships to airport lounges also help to encourage productive layover time.

The Novices

Novices are mostly young travellers who have recently graduated or just started their first job. They travel for three to four days at a time, usually for inductions, training or company conferences. Their destinations mostly include capital cities and other business hubs. As first-time business travellers, they don’t expect five-star treatment but may require additional assistance should any complications to their travel plans arise.

What they expect:

  • Smartphones, tablets and WiFi connectivity
  • Using social media to stay in touch while travelling
  • Exploring new places and taking part in social activities 

What you should book:

Novice travellers require only entry-level airfare and accommodation, so adjust your bookings accordingly. 

The New Arrivals

Successful and ambitious, New Arrivals most often relocate to a new city as a result of a promotion or new job. While in search of permanent residence, they may require long-term accommodation for a number of months.

What they expect:

  • Apartment-style accommodation
  • Private kitchen facilities
  • Onsite leisure amenities and gyms
  • Easy access to the workplace, supermarkets and entertainment districts

What you should book:

New Arrivals need semi-permanent accommodation featuring WiFi, weekly housekeeping, laundry services and ample wardrobe space.