2017 Trends and tips in corporate accommodation

2017 Trends and tips in corporate accommodation

In an unstable global market, there are some positives for the corporate traveller. From favourable hotel rates, to the race to satisfy the millennial traveller, now is the time to take advantage of the fine line between cost and traveller comfort, safety and productivity.

Here are 5 ways the global uncertainty is positively impacting you, the business traveller:

1. Greater product choice of hotel offerings

Corporate travellers will benefit from greater product choice, thanks to large groups like Mariott and Protea hotels merging. This also leads to stronger hotel member loyalty programmes across a wider range of properties. Marriott is taking customer choice seriously by refocusing on luxury, creating Luxury Brand Group and reclassifying some of their luxury brands to ‘classic’ (traditional) and ‘distinctive’ (modern and boutique). 

2. More competitive rates, complimentary extras and tailored services 

Due to the current state of the economy, hotels are offering more benefits to travellers at better prices. To stay relevant, hotels have to find ways for their smaller hotels to reach a wide range of customers.  To the traveller this means improved and tailored services, value adds and more competitive rates.

3. Meet your needs as an environmentally conscious traveller

Global warming is a trending topic that is not likely going to disappear. With hotel industry research revealing approximately half of the world’s travellers will consider environmentally-friendly properties when choosing where to stay, hotels have been stepping up their initiatives to reduce the social and environmental impacts of their operations. While travellers continue to prioritise comfort and convenience as key influencers of their bookings, they are also likely to factor sustainable travel into their decisions.

4. Apps, chats and more ways to keep in touch with hotels and car hire

Mobile technologies and apps are continuously influencing in the way travel suppliers interact with their corporate clients. Research shows more than 50% of travellers plan to use travel apps even more in the near future, so hotels and suppliers who want to remain relevant need to get on board. In fact, innovators in the hotel and travel management sectors will eventually adopt chatbots (computer programs that replicate human interaction using AI techniques) to digitally transform the way they engage with their business travellers.

5. Better customer service

Even in this technology era of mobile apps, corporate travellers still want personal and ‘human’ service from friendly and helpful staff. Travellers want genuine relationships and interaction and seek local authenticity in everything from their hotel meals to the décor. A trend on the rise is ‘Celebrity chef’ restaurants, to offer more locally contextual dining experiences with seasonal produce from neighbouring areas. As a product of mobile technology, travellers expect hotel staff to already know their needs and preferences and gain a competitive edge, hotels must be attentive and exceed expectations. 


Our top two tips to leverage your travel   

Armed with the above insights, how can companies better manage their travel portfolios? 

1. Review your corporate travel policies and patterns regularly, so you can pick up on trends and behaviours and identify where to reduce costs. Call your Corporate Traveller travel expert for assistance with your travel policy.

2. Check out our smartSTAY programme… It gives you the most extensive choice (of over 3000 hotels worldwide) and free value adds in corporate hotels and car hire available.

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