10 Travel Hacks For Business Travel Success

10 Travel Hacks for Business Travel

From long queues and flight delays to lost luggage and missed meetings, travelling for business isn’t always a smooth journey. Corporate Traveller has put together some helpful insights to help take your business travel experience from stressful to successful.

Relax in the Business Lounge

There’s nothing like a bit of R&R in the airport business lounge to keep you in top form during long layovers and flight delays. But what if you’re not travelling first or business class? Fortunately, there are few other ways to get onto the exclusive business lounge guest list. Earn enough frequent flyer points to reach elite status. Check whether your credit card comes with any business lounge perks. Or join a travel club that lets you pay for and reserve your spot beforehand.

Carry on

Always be sure to keep your luggage small enough to fit into the overhead luggage compartment on the plane. The last thing you need is to waste time waiting for your luggage at the baggage claim carousel, especially if you’re travelling with others or there’s been a flight delay.

Stay safe

No matter where you’re travelling, it’s essential to plan ahead in case of a medical emergency. Paying for your airfare with a credit card may qualify you for complimentary insurance cover. However, there are a number of instances where this may fall short. Before you go, find out what your free credit card insurance does and doesn’t cover. For instance, are any countries excluded? What is their policy on pre-existing medical conditions? Is there an excess? How much will it pay out in the event of a medical emergency? You may also want to consider taking out a TIC policy. These policies are able to provide more comprehensive cover, along with the option to tailor the details around your company’s specific requirements.

Keep in touch

It goes without saying that staying connected during your business travels is a must. But what about the sky-high call and data fees? Luckily, there are some pocket-friendly ways to stay in touch when you’re abroad. First of all, check with your service provider that your phone will work overseas. International roaming is an option, but it can be very costly − consider buying a local SIM card at your destination instead. Whenever you can, use free WiFi in your hotel, restaurants and other public hotspots to make calls, answer emails and catch up with family and friends. 

Leave jetlag behind

Jetlag can be a real drag but there are some simple ways to keep it to a minimum. Alcohol and caffeine can cause dehydration, so avoid drinking those 24 hours before your trip and while in flight. Select an airplane seat away from the sun to keep the light from interfering with your sleep. Try to stick to mealtimes and sleep cycles that match the appropriate time at your destination. And limit naps to two hours or less.

Beat the crowds

The busiest time for flights is from Thursday to Monday. So if you’d prefer not to squeeze onto a jam-packed airplane, be sure to travel on a Tuesday or Wednesday instead. 

Bag it

If you regularly travel to the same destination and stay in the same hotel every time, it may be helpful to leave behind a few essentials for your next visit. Ask management if you can leave a small bag containing your everyday travel necessities. This way, you won’t forget anything and you’ll save valuable space in your luggage.

Come and go

A smart way to skip the taxi queues is to make a beeline for departures when you arrive. Taxis will be empty after dropping people off at the airport, so it will be very easy to flag one down and hop in. 

Stay loyal and save

It’s much easier to negotiate discounted rates when service providers recognise you as a frequent traveller. Use the same airlines, hotel chains and car hire companies whenever you travel to increase your chance of being offered discounted rates, loyalty miles and other extras. 

Business trips are busy enough without having to manage all of your own flights, accommodation, transport and so on. Rather than doing it all yourself, why not bring an expert on board who can manage everything for you? At Corporate Traveller, we provide you with 24-hour support from a dedicated travel expert to ensure a smooth, hassle-free journey every step of the way. Contact Corporate Traveller to find out more.