Hotels in Cape Town Implement Tactics to Curb Wastage

water scarce cape town

Cape Town has announced a new ‘Day Zero’ date, the projected date on which the city will have run out of water, unless consumption is curbed. The date has been extended from March to May 2018.

Hotels in the area have implemented water savings tactics and are encouraging guests to join the efforts. Notices have been placed throughout some hotels, offering tips for reducing water consumption that won’t compromise the guest experience.

Table Bay Hotel at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, is one of the hotels that are redoubling efforts to conserve water by implementing water-saving devices such as flow restrictors on taps which are being used in the kitchens and the staff are undergoing training and awareness programmes to apply water-smart behaviour in their daily tasks.

Unless otherwise requested, linen in guest rooms is also now only changed every third day. Guests are encouraged to have quick showers instead of bathing, and to turn off the tap while brushing their teeth. These fall amongst general water saving tactics in the city and province.

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