US Supreme Court allows Travel Ban to take Full Effect

US Travel ban

An updated version of the US executive order relating to the travel ban was upheld by the Supreme Court on 04 December 2017.

The updated version now restricts citizens of Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen from entering the US.  Iraq and Sudan have been removed from the list, however, citizens of these countries will be subject to additional screening.

The restrictions on citizens of the above mentioned countries range from not being permitted  to enter the USA as immigrants, but may enter as non-immigrants on tourist or business visas subject to additional screening, to not being permitted to enter the USA as immigrants or non-immigrants.

If you have visited Libya, Somalia, or Yemen since March 2011, regardless of your nationality, you will need a visa to enter the USA.  You will not be able to travel on an ESTA. We recommend that you check directly with your nearest US consulate regarding any travel to Iran, Sudan or Syria since 01 March 2011 and if this impacts your chances of obtaining an ESTA.

For more information and questions about travel status and visa validity contact, your nearest US embassy on or call your Corporate Traveller travel expert.