SAA shifts flights to mango - what does it mean for the traveller

24 Jan 2018

From Monday, 22nd January 2018, SAA has effectively surrendered the bulk of its domestic flights between Johannesburg and Durban, and a third of those between Johannesburg and Cape Town, to low-cost subsidiary Mango.

On the route between Johannesburg to Durban: both SAA and Mango run 200 flights a week, SAA operates 112 and Mango 88. SAA will now operate just 68 flights on the return route and Mango will be operating the remaining 132.

The route between Johannesburg to Cape Town, SAA and Mango run 278 return flights a week. SAA operates 202 and Mango 76. Only 162 of those flights will be operated by SAA and the balance of 116 will be run by Mango.

In a statement, the airline issued, they stated that the airlines will rationalise their route network for improved efficiencies and optimal aircraft utilisation, through a revised airline brand schedule. SAA has stated that from a group perspective, there has been no reduction of flights and collectively, the two airline brands (SAA and Mango) continue to offer the same number of flights.

We have answered some of our travellers burning questions regarding this shift below:

How does this impact my travel?

The change simply means you may have to fly on a Mango aircraft instead of the original SAA you may have originally booked. Remember you need to purchase your refreshments on a Mango flight, so carry some cash with you onboard, as opposed to the fully serviced meals you experience on SAA.

Will I need to book online?

The airlines operate via a code-share agreement, meaning that SAA customers are able to book either SAA or Mango flights via the carrier’s various channels, including through travel agents like Flight Centre.

Will I still be able to earn frequent flyer miles if I fly on Mango?

Members of Voyager, SAA’s frequent flyer programme, will continue to earn Miles on Mango operated flights if booked on the SAA code and will continue to enjoy the SAA baggage allowance, lounge access and a seamless transfer on to the regional and international network services of SAA, the airline has promised.

If you have any concerns or question regarding your business travels using SAA or Mango carriers, please contact your Corporate Traveller Expert.