Nigeria expedites visa applications

23 May 2017

The Consulate General of Nigeria has announced that all categories of visas will now be processed within 48 hours. 

Previously, standard visa applications took seven working days, while express visas took two to three days to process. Visa applicants will also only pay the standard visa service fee and not the ‘Express Service Fee’, which was the higher fee imposed for express visa applications. Express visa applications were intended for emergency travel to Nigeria, however all visa applications will now be treated as urgent and be processed within 48 hours.

Applications for all visas have to be made at Online Integrated Solutions centres, and will then be sent to the relevant consulate for processing. The 48-hour processing time starts once the visa has arrived at the consulate. 

Standard application fees for single-entry visas for South African citizens are US$58 (R765) while multiple entry visas cost $103 (R1 357).