Department of Home Affairs launches Automated Biometric System

The Department of Home Affairs launched the Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) on 16 May 2018 in a bid to improve turnaround times for those applying for ID documents and passports.

The new identification system forms an integral part of the Department’s Modernisation Programme for service efficiency. This will bring a number of benefits such as:

  • Service delivery improvements due to faster turnaround times for those applying for ID documents or passports.
  • Reduced cases of duplicate identities.
  • Quicker response times at ports of entry to capture or verify a traveller’s identity.
  • Improved border control which should create also a competitive economic environment to attract critical skills, enable growth, increase foreign direct investment, create jobs and fight poverty.

ABIS is powered by sustainable technology and will offer a single view of citizens across their life cycle and their status change at various stages. It is set to replace the Home Affairs National Identity System (HANIS), which is manually operated and outdated.

The ABIS is a fundamental baseline for the broader National Identification System that will consolidate South African and foreign nationals’ data into a single base.

For more information contact your Corporate Traveller Travel Expert or visit The Department of Home Affairs website