Ready. Set. Go! Safely returning to travel in 2021.

Travel safety questions

Ready. Set. Go! Safely returning to travel in 2021.

Your Questions Answered!

Are you ready to trade the endless Zoom face galleries for some creative sparring with clients and colleagues in the boardroom?

You are not alone. With Zoom fatigue now a common ‘affliction’, most of us are wistfully longing for the uninterrupted hours flying transcontinental flights, reaching frequent flyer milestones and relaxing in hotel rooms in far-off destinations. Despite the desire to get back on the plane and bump elbows with clients across the world, it’s completely normal to still feel some apprehension about travelling.

Corporate Traveller GM Oz Desai decided to answer some of travellers’ most pressing questions.

1. My flight is cancelled! Now what?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, flight cancellations were a hassle. Now, a cancelled flight can make even the most seasoned traveller feel a bit anxious.

That’s where technology comes in. No matter where you are in the world, travel chatbots can go a long way in alleviating anxiety. Corporate Traveller’s mobile assistant Sam for example will anticipate your needs and rebook a flight before you even knew it was cancelled.

2. What if I have to cancel?

If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable. It’s always better to book a flexible fare, but they often come at a higher price tag. A reputable TMC will know the right fare to book in today’s context.

If you need to cancel your flight, you can do so at the touch of a button with the latest technology. Whether at the airport, on the road, or checking into accommodation, Sam will let you change course and alter plans from the palm of their hand. Even better, the knowledgeable consultants behind Sam have the tech to source and detect the lowest fares available.

3. Will I need to quarantine?

Perhaps the biggest concern at the moment is around the issue of quarantine. Understandably, most travellers balk at the idea of 14 days in quarantine. It’s an expensive inconvenience – both in terms of budget and productivity.

A travel expert or TMC can help alleviate your concerns. They are well-placed to give you the best advice at any time, including breaking news and travel alerts. They’ll keep their finger on the pulse, so you’re informed of any changes in terms of your itinerary and travel requirements.    

4. How can I make sense of COVID testing?

PCR. Antigen. Antibody. The different testing methods and timeframes can feel overwhelming and confusing. Along with vetting and booking your hotel accommodation, your TMC will know exactly where to get tested in your destination (airport, clinic, even in-house PCR testing services at a hotel) – and how long results are likely to take.

It’s just another reason why travel agents are an invaluable partner in post-COVID travel. There are a number of moving parts around any trip at the moment. You need a travel expert in your corner.

5. What if I get stranded?

Travel isn’t always smooth sailing – and things can happen – but having a TMC by your side will make the world of difference.

Behind the scenes, the Corporate Traveller team has developed flexible travel strategies to mitigate risk in any situation, even a pandemic. Our technology is built to keep you safe wherever you are.

Says Desai: “We’ll keep you updated throughout your journey with up-to-date notifications and alerts in real-time, plus, the support of a dedicated agent team just a phone call away for situations that are better-handled human-to-human. We will even work with embassies to get you back home.” 

If video conferencing has led to frustration and fatigue, it is time to ditch those Zoom meetings and get back in the ‘real’ business game in 2021.

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