Flying the Flag: The Importance of Customer Service in a Global Pandemic

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Customer service is key during times of great uncertainty. This reality has been evident for most businesses across a broad spectrum of industries throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. And it’s not just about greeting every customer with a smile and making sure that your products or services are consistently up to par. It’s about providing round-the-clock support and actively addressing minor issues before they grow into much larger problems, as well as identifying and solving customer ‘pain points’ before the customers even notice them themselves!

At Corporate Traveller, while we have always placed outstanding customer service at our core, our team has worked tirelessly to step up its game even further since the pandemic first began. After all, we are well aware that it’s up to us to provide our customers with the right guidance and support so that they’re equipped to do the same for their own customers, partners and staff. As Raj Patnam, VP of global solutions at ScienceLogic, so aptly explained:

“Customer service should be an around-the-clock effort because your customers are operating in that exact same way.”

What our customers are thinking?

Recently, we put together a survey aimed at travel managers, decision makers and business travellers to see just how the Corporate Traveller brand was measuring up in terms of achieving and maintaining our customer service goals.

We were thrilled to receive mostly 4-star (15%) and 5-star (77%) ratings from the vast majority of our respondents. Furthermore:

  • 93% stated they were happy with the accuracy of their travel bookings.
  • 82% stated they were happy with our emergency after-hours service.
  • 94% agreed that all members of our team are always customer focused.
  • 97% agreed that all issues are dealt with timeously and efficiently.
  • 94% agreed that it’s easy to do business with Corporate Traveller.  

Our travel experts

The Corporate Traveller experts are at the heart of everything that we do and are the individuals responsible for upholding quality customer service in all dealings. Based on conclusions drawn from the survey, it’s safe to say that they’ve impressed consistently along the way.

According to the results, 92% of the respondents are happy with the service received from their dedicated Travel Consultant, 94% are satisfied with their expert’s overall knowledge and expertise and 88% are satisfied with their expert’s adherence to our Service Guarantee (email acknowledgment in 20 minutes and quotation within 3 hours).

Going the extra mile with our mobile app, SAM

One of the only downers that our recent survey uncovered was the fact that so few of our customers (a disappointing 13% of the respondents) are currently using our mobile app, SAM, to their advantage.

SAM was developed with the aim of stepping into the role as a 24/7 personal travel assistant during a time when 24/7 support is so critical. SAM has been tailormade for corporate travellers, providing up-to-the-minute travel alerts, weather and traffic reports and check-in reminders.

The app also comes with an itinerary management feature, allowing travellers to access and view their flight and hotel information, such terminal, gate and seat details, anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, our team has recently introduced additional functionality designed specifically for travel managers, helping to ensure that the once-mammoth task of co-ordinating travel plans for entire teams is streamlined and effortless. The app makes it possible for travel arrangers to:

  • View each traveller's flight plans.
  • Receive real-time alerts regarding delays or cancellations.
  • Send direct messages to travellers about any changes or problems that may arise.

There’s no doubt that SAM plays a significant part of Corporate Travellers’ journey towards offering customers superior customer service and peace of mind throughout the times of COVID. As such, we encourage all customers to download the app and reap the many benefits thereof.

What the future holds

Through the information collected from our survey, we are now focused on what our customers are looking for from their travel programme for the year ahead – and ensuring that these particular boxes are ticked. We’ll be dedicating ourselves to providing improved health, safety and travel alerts, more convenience and upgrades, better loyalty programmes and benefits, as well as faster turnarounds on expense claims.

We strive to continue to offer a high-level of customer service to our customers, especially as the travel revival is now well underway and there is still much confusion and uncertainty in the air regarding the when’s, the where’s and the how’s.

We thank all our customers for their continued support and encourage them to get in touch with any further suggestions regarding how our team can continue supporting them!

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