The best bleisure trips for every type of dad

The best bleisure trips for every type of dad

It’s that time of the year when we’re celebrating the father figures in our lives. And this year, dads deserve our attention more than ever before. Our modern dads are definitely stepping up to the plate. Did you know that today’s dads spend three times more time with their children than their fathers spent with them according to recent research? 

Getting the work-life balance right still proves to be tricky, however. Although most dads (86%) say their children are their number one priority in life, thee in four fathers also wish to climb the corporate ladder and take on positions with greater responsibilities. 

“It can be challenging to balance fatherhood with a flourishing career, especially when you’re a road warrior,” says Oz Desai, GM Corporate Traveller. “But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. One way to achieve a healthy work-life balance when you’re frequently travelling for work is by inviting your family to join you and add some leisure time to your business trip.”

So, skip the 'world's best dad' memorabilia for this year's Father's Day and explore the following bleisure opportunities for every type of dad, grandad, or father figure.

Bleisure opportunities for every type of dad:

1. Indaba dad

This dad is easy to spot in his suit and tie, briefcase in one hand, phone in the other. He either runs his own business or works in a top corporate position. If this sounds like your dad, it might be time to gift him a proper bleisure break. Suggest adding a few days’ leisure to his upcoming business trip and join dad for a spa pampering where he can switch off and put his feet up without worrying about anything.

2. Ballie strength dad

This type of dad lives in sportswear and has always just finished some kind of marathon or race.

He can be found squeaking takkie on the squash court or pounding the pavements at six am. If this sounds like your dad, suggest booking him a bleisure stay where he can run, hike, and bike to his heart's content.

3. Slops and surf dad

In the summer, he dons his slops. In the winter, he pairs them with socks. This easy-going dad is fond of nature and being close to the ocean. This Father's Day, why not book him an excursion after business is done and dusted to a South African seaside town like Hermanus, where he can tuck into fresh fish and chips and experience the arrival of Southern Right whales.

4. Fine dining dad

This type of dad has an unabashed love for the finer things in life, be it gourmet dinners, top-notch wine, and holidays that level up on luxury. If this sounds like your pops, snap up an executive suite for the weekend and book a table at one of the local restaurants. Or, how about a wine tasting experience?

5. Golf and greens dad

If your dad is gaga over golf, there are no two ways about it: let him loose on the fairways this Father's Day! South Africa has so many excellent fairways that it won’t be hard to find him the perfect golfing retreat wherever he’s off to next on business. Let him browse the Pro Shop and give him full rights to steering the golf cart – he's guaranteed to feel like he's gone to golfing heaven.

As South Africans embrace the freedom to travel once again, there has been a clear increase in demand to combine work and leisure, says Desai. “Corporates want to take the time to experience their destination and enjoy some downtime with their family. It’s a win-win situation. For the road warrior, a bleisure trip offers a great opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved getaway. For the employer, bleisure trips mean increased travel wellbeing, which is directly linked to increased productivity and job satisfaction.”

Let one of our travel experts help you plan your next bleisure trip, suited to your style of 'dad'. Contact us today!