Corporate Traveller

Take-off with better value

As a Corporate Traveller customer you can enjoy exclusive benefits and savings on your domestic travel through our SmartFLY airline partners. SmartFLY boosts your bottom line and increases your comfort with perks designed specifically for business travellers.

SmartFLY benefits with Mango

Enjoy a choice of:

  • Best rate of the day deals
  • Discounted premium fares offering free name and date changes
  • Discounted premium fares offering flexibility as well as airport lounge access and on-board meal vouchers

Contact Corporate Traveller now to discover how SmartFLY will boost the value of your travel programme through:

Smarter benefits – receive specially negotiated discounts and complimentary services from our preferred airline partners.

Smarter productivity – increase your comfort and convenience with value-adds designed specifically for business travellers.

Smarter value – take the pressure off your travel budget by getting more for every rand you spend.

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