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In partnership with our preferred hotel partners, you can now enjoy terrific free extras every time you book a SmartSTAY hotel with Corporate Traveller.  Take advantage of a minimum of three value-adds at more than 3000 hotels around the world – all at no extra cost to you.

And now thanks to our partnership with the Protea Group, Sun International, Accor, Intercontinental Hotel Group, TAJ and The Hyatt you can now get value adds from a range of our local and Africa hotel partners too!

Introducing you to our SmartSTAY programme.

  • Browse through our range of over 3000 hotels worldwide – you can see the selection of local and Africa properties in our SmartSTAY brochure or simply download the SmartSTAY app to see the full range!  Keep reading below and we’ll tell you a bit more about exactly how to access the app.
  • Identify the hotel you want to stay at
  • Take a look at all the FREE value  adds you get from being part of our programme

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Smarter benefits – receive specially negotiated discounts and complimentary services from our preferred hotels around the world.

Smarter productivity – increase your comfort and convenience with value-adds designed specifically for business travellers.

Smarter value – take the pressure off your travel budget by getting more for every rand you spend.

Make the smart choice for your business travel.  Check-in to better value with Corporate Traveller and SmartSTAY by downloading the SmartSTAY mobile app today! 

What information does the app include?

The app provides an online directory of every participating hotel in our exclusive SmartSTAY programme. 

Special features include:

  • Images of SmartSTAY properties
  • Hotel descriptions
  • Embedded Google maps 
  • A list of SmartSTAY value adds you’ll get when booking through Corporate Traveller and SmartSTAY

Is my phone compatible?

The SmartSTAY app requires iOS 6.0 or later and is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Alternative platforms require Android 2.1 or later.

Download the app today:

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Android version

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