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Download our new mobile app VeloCT Mobile

Corporate Traveller’s VeloCT Mobile is an advanced tool that can be used by travellers to access their travel itinerary on the go via their mobile device. VeloCT Mobile is compatible with iOS and Android and is designed to keep travellers connected throughout their entire journey.

With VeloCT Mobile you can:

  • Check-in online
  • View real-time flight status display with push notifications
  • Access weather, currency converter and destination guides
  • Access 24/7 contact details for your travel manager
  • Export your itinerary to your calendar
  • Share details of your itinerary via SMS or email

To find it in the Apple and Android app stores (South Africa only) search: “VeloCT Mobile” and look for this icon:

Download the app now at the IOS Store or on the Google Play store.

When accessing the Mobile App for the first time it will ask for an email address and password. As no password has been set up as yet please click 'Forgot password' and enter your email address where prompted. You will be emailed a link to set up your password.

Please contact your travel manager for further assistance if necessary.

Speak to your travel manager or enquire today for more information.

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