How to introduce mobile tech into your business travel programme

How to introduce mobile tech into your business travel programme

Smartphones and tablets travel with us everywhere and are an essential part of everyday life. Whether we’re at work or play, mobile devices hold the key to smoother, simpler, more connected experiences. And with the growing trend towards workplace flexibly, businesses need mobile apps. The right tools can help companies stay one step ahead, and keep employees engaged and empowered. After all, if people bank, shop, date and organise their free time on their mobiles, it makes sense that they’re fully equipped when it comes to their career, too.

Introducing Sam

The need for travel apps

Travel apps are massively popular among consumers, with 58% of travellers preferring to book flights via an app rather than online. These apps influence how people research, book and experience destinations and they help to quickly navigate problems during a trip.

When it comes to business travel, the story is the same. Whether you’re looking for flight booking and reservations, itinerary management and ground transport; or whether you need the help of a virtual assistant, there’s an app on-hand. The days of tricky booking systems and itineraries in Excel spreadsheets are long gone. In fact, smartphones and apps have completely disrupted the industry and employees now expect a lightning-fast mobile experience that allows them to enjoy every trip, while mitigating issues that might occur along the way.

Make time for a mobile strategy

Having an app (or apps) that fulfil your needs is one thing, but when you want your business to function successfully in the digital world you need a mobile strategy in place. Focus on key concerns within the business:

  • Do you want to improve traveller engagement?
  • Are you after a solution that allows you to communicate with employees in real time?
  • Or is it simply to make the logistics of booking easier?

If you’re developing a strategy that’s futureproof and set for success, you might need to ensure that all of these problems are solved with your mobile solution.

Taking mobile to the next level

Taking mobile to the next level

Apps have revolutionised the travel industry, but it’s the introduction of AI that really takes things to the next level. By combining virtual reality with the real-world AI-powered apps offer an automatic, yet personal, experience providing employees with their very own travel buddy.

The use of messenger-style chatbots in these apps means that travellers are switched on, engaged and empowered. In fact, chatbots provide the ultimate customer service experience by tying all the elements of a trip together and offering 24/7 support wherever and whenever a traveller needs it.

One of the most exciting features of these AI-powered apps is that they can gather more and more data with every use. It’s like a two-way conversation between the tool and the travellers, which allows both suppliers and travel management companies to run an efficient, bespoke service for their client that also helps to increase revenue.

Meet Sam

Introducing Sam – the Smart Assistant for Mobile

Sam was born from the need to have all your corporate travel needs in one place and a ‘digital companion’ for business travellers - something innovative and more meaningful than just a logistic-based solution. Although regular travel apps are continually updated and improved there was a gap in the market for something extra special: an intuitive, traveller-focused, AI-powered app that caters for these three things: booking, information and alerts, offering support on the go.

Everything from departure gate info and flight time changes, to meeting updates, weather, restaurants and traffic alerts will keep employees informed and engaged throughout their trip. And if individuals are looking for additional support or another opinion, they can connect to a live text or phone chat with a real travel consultant. With Sam, the traveller is at the heart of everything - with a simple swipe or a tap they get total peace of mind.

A perfect partnership

There’s no doubt about it, the right travel apps empower travellers. But the team behind Sam admit that AI and technology alone cannot solve every problem. That’s why, from the very beginning, Sam was designed to enhance the work of agents, not replace them. Real consultants are still vital to the whole process, but a consolidated app like Sam will handle all the repetitive tasks, allowing consultants to focus on the more random requests and challenges that only ‘real’ people can add value to.

AI is continuously becoming smarter, more helpful and even more powerful, so the list of benefits is almost endless. That’s why forward-thinking companies are jumping on board right now. Don’t get left behind.

Incorporating technology into your travel programme can be an important step towards driving efficiencies and saving money. Find out how now!