2019 In review

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In 2019, we have seen technology flooding the market with a great number of technology companies entering the corporate travel market and a lot of TMC’s merging to try to combat the impact. We have also seen a greater focus on the traveller with travel managers increasingly trying to minimise traveller friction. From a South African perspective, the travel market has been relatively flat for the last 18 - 24 months although government expenditure has reduced.

To respond to these tough economic trading conditions, TMCs need to offer key service technology and personalisation. At Corporate Traveller, we found that Blended Technology was the best approach to the challenges in the market. Our approach to travel management is not only based on the latest technology, but also on small teams of highly experienced travel experts providing personal service, support and guidance when needed.

2019 saw the following stats for Corporate Traveller:

  • 114 984 travellers moved
  • 1026 active SAM:] App users
  • With the top 6 destinations being:
    • South Africa
    • Zambia
    • Uganda
    • Namibia
    • Mozambique
    • Kenya
  • 61.7% domestic flights, 23.6% Africa flights and 14.7% International Flights
  • 96% Of our customers say it is simple and easy to work with us

2020 will see a greater focus on technology.

Technological disruption will likely benefit the consumer in 2020 with improved corporate travel platforms and improved user experiences. From a data perspective, customer relationships will become more and more crucial. From an African perspective, the need for credit is essential especially considering our current government space. Changing to a bimonthly remittance system will likely put pressure on a great number of consortia in the South African market.