How to review your travel policy with Covid-19 in mind

In a recent survey of 2,500 business travel managers, bookers and travellers around the globe, the majority revealed that their travel policies needed updating post-Covid. But while most agreed that changes were needed, over a quarter (28%) were unsure what exactly needed to change. So, what should travel managers be doing to prepare their travel policies ready for the ‘new normal’?

Preparing your policies

“Individuals managing a travel programme should always have their travel procedures at the front of their mind”, explains Corporate Traveller’s Head of Account Management Christie Odendaal “When they feel the situation has changed enough to warrant their policies outdated, rules should be amended or authority sought to do so.” So, what should you be reviewing and how can you make sure your policy is prepared? Here are Christie's 5 steps for reviewing your travel policy. 

5 steps for reviewing your travel policy with Covid-19 in mind

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1) Keep things flexible 

Help build employee trust and confidence by ensuring you have flexible travel options within your policy. Consider an interim travel policy for maximum flexibility.

2) Check your health and safety processes

Review your health and safety processes and procedures including those of your approved airlines, hotels and car hire companies. Our traveller hub has links to various suppliers' Covid-19 processes. 

3) Re-evaluate your travel expectations 

Resuming travel will be different for every business, so it's important to establish your company's travel expectations - for example how your business classes ‘essential’ versus ‘non-essential’ business travel, what is value-generating travel and the number of employees allowed to travel at any one time.

CT Policy Review

4) Assess your data and how it's communicated

Be prepared for changing travel requirements and restrictions from every country for the forseeable future. Your travellers need to be aware of any rules or changes that may affect their trip, so it's essential to consider how this information can be effectively communicated to your travellers. 

Did you know: Our Traveller Hub contains the latest air, hotel, and border updates from across the globe, an interactive map to help you assess your destination’s risk, and chatbot assistance for any further questions.

5) Review your travel technology

Is your travel technology working for you? For example, facilitating pre-approvals without any additional bureaucracy or supporting your duty of care through traveller tracking and travel alerts? If not, ask your TMC how you can get the right technology for your travel programme.  

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