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Strikes cause cancellations at Berlin’s airports

Further ground staff strikes at two of Berlin’s main airport have forced airlines to cancel flights in and out of the airport today.

The 25-hour strike, which follows similar walkouts last week, started this morning (March 13) at 04h00 and will continue until 05h00 (March 14).

British Airways have announced that the airline has been forced to cancel all its flights to and from the airport. Lufthansa have announced that all flights from Frankfurt and Munich to Berlin (and vice versa) have been cancelled today.

Other airlines that have been affected include Easyjet, Air Berlin and Ryanair.

“We will be using larger aircraft, where possible, on other German services as well as Berlin services on Tuesday, to help affected customers and we recommend all customers flying to or from Berlin on Monday keep checking our website for the very latest information,” said British Airways